Trucking and Rigging Houston TX

For Trucking and Rigging Houston TX logistics and operations managers look to Pedowitz Machinery Movers.

If you have you ever needed to move something big inside a building, through tight spaces, or way up in the air and wondered “how are we going to do this?” The answer is “calling Pedowitz Machinery Movers”!

Over the years, as we became experts of lifting for heavy construction, we realized that we were uniquely qualified to perform heavy equipment moving services. Our heavy lifting service includes a specialized crew who, using a combination of our fleet of cranes and specialized forklifts, are experts at performing high weight lifts in small spaces.

From lifting and maneuvering a new MRI machine inside the narrow halls of an operating hospital or setting a new cutting machine in a facility, we can solve your puzzle.

Our heavy-hauling division works in tandem with both of these services to move your equipment or material over the roads. The transportion of heavy equipment, machinery and oversize loads in Houston means Pedowitz. What about Over-Dimensional and Super Load Trucking Services? The answer is the same. You call Pedowitz for unmatched best in class service.

Pedowitz Machinery Movers serves the entire state of Texas with trouble-free, heavy haul equipment transport, step deck and flatbed delivery, plus nationwide, long haul and oversize load trucking services. We take pride in offering personal customer service, along with our company’s commitment to make the process of moving your loads in Houston, as straight-forward and simple as possible.

Pedowitz Machinery Movers will gladly arrange the logistics for your most challenging loads in Houston, TX or anywhere throughout the United States and Canada. Load quoting, planning, equipment requirements and driver selections are all done by our same core group of professionals. We can also provide warehousing with full customer services at our Warehouse & Reload facilities.

Our company was founded over 70 years ago with just one truck and a can do attitude to offer great service at reasonable prices. Through years of dedication to customer service and hard work it has grown into the well established trucking company it is today. Our specialized fleet of trucks serves all of the West Coast and is equipped to handle over dimensional and super loads, plus we’re great at trucking all types of machinery and equipment for heavy construction, power plant, wind energy, and lift equipment. We routinely ship heavy haul and oversize loads all over the state of TX.

Pedowitz Machinery Movers provides dependable, on-time delivery and door-to-door service to ease tracking of your product. Pedowitz Machinery Movers has dedicated professional drivers, plus a fleet of tractor trailers ranging from 5 to 19 axle combinations, including rear-steer expandables. We also offer a pilot car escort service that is ready to move your most demanding loads throughout the greater Houston area or across the nation, including Alaska and Canada.

When it comes to trucking and rigging Houston calls Pedowitz (936) 446-0384.